Our Mission

Giving the gift of being seen and heard is our #1 mission. We want to create a world where people spend their working hours pursuing their soul’s calling and being paid well, where people feel honored, respected, and appreciated for the unique individuals they are. And that’s why we created the Milk Crate.

  • If you feel alone or isolated in your business,

  • If you have ever struggled with self-doubt and wondering if you’d ever make it,

  • If you’ve ever felt like people didn’t take your business seriously,

  • If you sometimes have a hard time finding the words to convey what you do and the value you bring,

  • If you’ve gone to networking groups and felt like people weren’t listening when you talked,

  • If you have spent a lot of time and/or money on coaching programs and still felt like you had to figure everything out on your own,

  • If you feel nervous giving an elevator pitch or being asked what you do,

  • If your heart feels weary from being around people who don’t value your gifts,

  • Then The Milk Crate and The Dream Catcher Program were made for you.



How The Milk Crate Works

The Milk Crate Gatherings

Each week, members have an opportunity to meet virtually via Zoom for a 60-minute session, organized into breakout sessions. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required. In the breakout rooms, attendees will receive feedback on how their messages were received.

Spotlight Presentations

Each week, one member will have the opportunity to give an extended presentation to The Milk Crate and receive feedback from the entire audience.


Members are encouraged to meet one-on-one outside of the regular sessions, and we encourage members to continue the practice of giving feedback directly to each other about how the messages were received. We provide “games” that participants can play one-on-one and in small groups outside of the gathering.


The cost for membership in The Milk Crate is $50 per month. We will also ask that you give some amount in addition to your $50 membership fee so that we can make The Milk Crate available to more people.





  • Inclusion in weekly gatherings and eligibility for spotlight presentations

  • Announcement of your business on our weekly email list

  • Access to the members-only Milk Crate Facebook group

  • Profile on The Untold Story Online Directory

Our Team

Amy Lanci

I am a communications strategist with a background in science. I worked as a technician in a research laboratory for 14 years, studying sea turtles. In 2016, I started a side hustle as a health coach after my own battle with Fatty Liver Disease and having grown up with body image issues. When I started my first business, I began to see how my own untold stories had harmed my physical health over the years. People came to me regularly for help with writing, and I eventually came to discover that helping others get their stories told was my true passion. I met Dave in 2017, and he and I became the first two Dream Catchers. Dave and I used our own experience over a three-year period to create what is now the Dream Catcher Program.

Dave Baldwin

I am a business strategist with a background in technology, marketing, and finance. My area of specialty is designing proprietary processes for businesses. I started a business for the first time in 2007, and I made the journey much harder than necessary because I did not know how to create day-to-day emotional support. I also hadn’t learned to recognize my true needs. I went to countless networking groups and signed up for coaching programs, but I still felt the chill of isolation even as I stood in the middle of a roomful of people. I was excited to work with Amy to build the Dream Catcher Program and The Milk Crate, because I truly believe that they are going to change the world. These are the very resources that would have made all the difference if I’d had access to them in the beginning.

Nancy Loeffler

On November 8, 2000, my 17-year old daughter Leah died, sending me on a journey I didn’t want.


Leah’s death provided a doorway to a transformation that I never expected. It broke open my heart and showed me a way to break free from limiting beliefs about what was possible in my life.  


I learned that unrecognized grief can keep us stuck in our personal and business lives. I’m passionate about showing you what is possible when you bring your feelings of grief into the light, so you can find meaning, purpose and joy again in your life. 


I am the founder of Being With Grief, and the author of The Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness.

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